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Premarital Counseling

  When couples become engaged, the excitement of the wedding and the planning of the event often preludes over the realities of the marriage.  Unfortunately, many couples become involved in a marriage that does not last a lifetime.  Let us help you prepare for your future together by participating in our premarital counseling program.  In the premarital counseling program that Dr Laws utilizes, several different areas are covered in the premarital counseling sessions of Prepare and Enrich.  The following areas are focused on in each session:  conflict resolution, financial management, leisure activities, sex and affection, relationship roles, spiritual beliefs, marriage expectations, parenting and personality profiles.  The couple will have a total of 8 hours of contact time with the program and should walk away with some tools to utilize in marriage.  In some counties, participation in the program will offer a discount on the marriage license.  We are registered as a Twogether in Texas provider.  Check this article out:  http://www.physorg.con/news70250831.html